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I said in the dark t

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I said in the dark that it was the sound of the old phone, it was out of power, nobody cares about it. I used this mobile phone three days ago, the sound came out from here, the sound came in from here, the subtle Miscanthus, the habitual neglect of affairs, the subtle dust, the habitual consumption, the weak current wear, The phone has been broken once, and it has been ringing for half a year. It is now old, like an outdated clothes, being eliminated, like a staff who retire early. There was a BB machine that was used to make an alarm clock before Noon. It was also retired. I leaned on the bed and thought, where did the BB go? I didn��t see it when I moved home, among thousands of lost items. No longer appear, when the BB machine is doing an alarm clock, the time is singing the old things in their bodies. I slipped away from us. I took my daughter to see the old house. My daughter said that it was our old home. We used the same alley, before we Living in the innermost unit, where the daughter��s original childhood was held. No one in the hutong came in, the dilapidated alley, the dilapidated house, and now it is just a cold corner of the world. My mother told me that the second wife on the second floor is no longer there. The fat lady looks at the old man��s warm smile. She is going upstairs slowly. Even if it is a step, it may be an obstacle that can never be passed. Our balcony is now the balcony of someone else's home. It is still the same, the window is the same, as if we can still come back, we can still pass the life of the past. I told my daughter that we used to go to work, and you stood at the window and looked at us. At that time, her daughter was a little bigger. She was holding the window fence with her hands and watching us walk away from the Hutong. She wouldn��t say a lot, she was a little bigger. She stood on the corridor and looked down, or shouted in the hole in the balcony. : Come back early, where did you go? I took my daughter on the busy street, and my daughter suddenly asked: Where are you when I am old? Around the pedestrians, the cars and horses flow, the smashing, and suddenly everything is so embarrassing, I said: At that time we are gone. At that time, this street, at this time, the five-color signboards hanging up and down, the shops of Yishun, the iron cars with bright shells, did not have an ink box with buttons at home. When I was a child, I used it to spend a long time in the afternoon. A grain of buttons responded to diverse imaginations and was hilarious at my fingertips. When I grow up, the button is reduced to a button, and the box is so old. The tin box is black and black, and the traditional characters on the side of the box are stamped out by the machine. It is related to my grandfather. If it is still, it is the only item that my mother brought from her hometown thousands of miles away. I have never seen a grandfather. In his mother's story, he went out for the first time. When he was on a boat, he fell into the rain. From then on Marlboro Red, he stayed in Jiangyin County and worked as an accountant in the printing house. The ink box disappeared quietly from my sight. Only our family can remind her mother of her father who died young. It is also the only button between me and my grandfather. Missing the scattered, a grain without a trace. Old objects are useless, but it is the container of our lives, putting the ordinary time inside, letting the memories come home, when we throw them away, we are also throwing away the old phones without electricity. It's in the drawer, we can't hear it during the day Parliament Cigarettes, in the silent night, it screams softly, the wife doesn't know its voice, I feel the phone is abandoned, the sound is that it is We asked, I will fill it with electricity tomorrow Cheap Cigarettes, but I took away its communication card, as if I took away its memory and soul.
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I said in the dark t
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